We Buy Houses Glendale

We Buy Houses Glendale

Are you looking for someone local who has the resources to buy your house in Glendale? 3rd Generation Management & Holding is the premiere home buyer in Glendale, we work with many homeowners throughout the year and we strive to solve any problems they are facing with sell of their property. Often homeowners who need to sell a house do not have the money to make major repairs. Are you worrying about selling a home that need a lot of work, we can help you leave these housing worries behind. We don’t mind buying houses that are in disrepair or distressed. In fact we enjoy buying houses that need a lot of work. As the #1 home-buyer in Glendale we would love to get the chance to meet you in person and show you how we can buy your house quickly and efficiently.

Buy Houses Glendale

Many sellers believe listing their property with a Realtor will solve their problem, but Realtor’s primarily cater to retail buyers. This is a major problem for homeowners that do not have the money to make repairs. Many retail buyers are only comfortable buying a house that’s in move-in ready condition. Why spend thousands of dollars making repairs on a home you no longer want, why spend the money? When it comes to selling your house and it is in need of major or minor repairs we are here to help you resolve those problems.

What are the benefits to you? You are not required to make any repairs, we buy AS-IS, if the roof is caving in we will still make you an offer. We will also help you save thousands of dollars in Realtor fees and commissions. Your property will be held in Escrow with a local title company who will officiate the sell process.  Since your property will be paid for in Cash we will be able to speed up the sell process and get you cash in your hand normally within 7-10 days. If this sound likes your situation contact us.

Please complete the form and we will contact you within 24 hours. We are local home buyers in Glendale and we are ready to help you today!

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