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Dealing with tenants can be a nightmare.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or have become a landlord “accidentally,” being a landlord has many challenges: lawsuits, vacant properties with no income, vandalism, meeting expensive maintenance costs, irresponsible tenants damaging your investment, and so on… it can drive you crazy!

Even worse if you do have tenants and you are a landlord, you may face high tenant turnover, with a seemingly endless effort to attract and screen new suitable renters. Or you may have steady tenants who complain constantly and/or who damage the property. You may have good tenants, but just frustrated and tired of your role and responsibility as a landlord and property manager.

Whether your home is vacant by choice or because you cannot find suitable tenants, each day the house remains empty is a day of foregone income for you at best—and painful mortgage, maintenance, tax, and other payments for you at worst. In addition the stress of constantly ‘keeping an eye’ on your vacant property and wondering about its well-being in your absence can be a real energy drain. We are familiar with all of these situations, and we can help in each case. We can buy your house quickly and save you the direct and indirect costs of having a vacant home, or dealing with tenants.

Fortunately, you don’t have to continue the pain. We can take the property and the problem off your back, whether it is vacant, occupied, needs repairs or not. If you are a tired landlord  CONTACT US TODAY BY COMPLETING THE SHORT FORM TO YOUR RIGHT

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