damaged house phoenix

Buying a house is a big decision for most people and it’s not easy to face the fear of repairs or liens on a property. At the first sight of a complication or small problem, a buyer could refuse to purchase a house; this is normally due to repairs or liens on the property. We will purchase a house despite many problems. Repairs or liens can consist of roof sagging/replacement, termite damage, water damage, dry rot, kitchen/bath remodel or updates.

Other repairs or liens are fireplace repairs, electrical rewiring, window replacement, floor/sub-floor refinish/replacement, garbage removal, etc,.., etc…, etc… You may feel instinctively that a necessary repair could be the main factor preventing you from selling your house. We can take these problems and the stress associated with the repairs or liens off your hands.

We buy houses in virtually any condition of repair or disrepair; we buy houses that need minor or major repairs. We spoke of the repairs, now let us discuss how we handle liens on properties.

Title Problems we handle that too!!!
A lien against the house and the potential aggravation in dealing with the lien may frighten interested buyers. Repairs or liens may also alienate the prospective buyer from purchasing your property. This is also true if there are issues surrounding ownership and title. This is where our experience can really help. We conduct the title search to see what title issues are on your property. Although we do our due diligence prior to purchase our findings will not stop the sale of your property. We are experienced in working with county officials in finding the right solution for you. We have worked with clients in getting their liens and fines reduced. Let us help solve your lien or title problem(s)—or if we can’t solve them, perhaps we can provide other solutions.


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