How can you help me? 

This is one of the main frequently asked questions we begin working with home owners. To answer this frequently asked question-We buy houses in any condition throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. We are not looking to “rob” you of your home, but to offer a fair price that will help you and fit our business model.  Some homes we keep as rental properties, other times we might fix them up to sell – but no matter what we do, you will no longer have the burden of the house.

How soon can you all close? How will I get paid?

These are frequently asked questions our specialist hear a lot, to answer this question- We can close as soon as one week from mutual agreement on price and terms. We close through local title companies and you will get back a check at closing to use however you want.

What if my house is in “bad” condition? What if my house is in disrepair?

This is the most important frequently asked questions for home owner-Yes! We buy homes no matter how bad of condition they are in. We work with a team of contractors to remodel a home and make it beautiful. These homes we either use as rental homes, or we repair and sell thus increasing the value of the community.

What’s my next step? Who do I talk to?

These are the frequently asked questions we love to answer-Reach out to us by calling us at (480) 269-3502 or by simply filling out the contact form. If you have another frequently asked questions that have not been answered, just ask one of our solution specialist. We will contact you, within 24 hours of completing the contact form. CONTACT US TODAY AND SEE HOW WE CAN HELP!!!

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