Carrying 2 Mortgages

Carrying 2 Mortgages

Whether you are building (or buying) a new home around the block or across the world, we know that you must neutralize the prospect or current burden of carrying 2 mortgages at once. We offer expertise, a real-time database of prospective buyers, and independent financial backing as a frequently successful key to selling your old house very quickly. We use many resources we have at our disposal for accomplishing the task of buying your old home.

We can provide you with a much faster closing transaction than any real estate agent in your area. We are investors who can buy your house immediately rather than list it. Maybe your Realtor is failing you during the selling process, there are many reasons why your real estate agent is not selling your house quickly. For one, selling a house is usually a complicated process. For another, you are not your agents only client and your agent is focused others instead of your family’s needs. Also your agent would need to find a buyer for your property while you are carrying 2 mortgages, We can help.

As real estate professionals ourselves we know a listed home can take a long time (3-6 months or more) to sell while you, the owner, are stuck maintaining the property and carrying 2 mortgages month after month. We are able to bypass the listing process entirely and buy houses like yours outright, with no lead time, and no repairs needed. Often we can close within 14 days and sometimes even within 72 hours.

Finally, maybe your listing has expired? We can provide a solution for that. By contacting us today we will be able to help you immediately stop carrying 2 mortgages. If we are unable to help you we have additional services and resource that may be able to help you with carrying 2 mortgages.CONTACT US TODAY BY COMPLETING THE SHORT FORM TO YOUR RIGHT

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